Department of Kurdish Language
The department of Kurdish language contains it's own role and features, like it's caring about the development of students skills in getting more experiences and preparing them as profissional teachers, who've the ability and enthusiasm about teaching, developing national culture, and serving the mother tongue and literature, which is Kurdish. This department has it's own Geographical importance of the area as a centre to associate many of the Kurdistan's cities and towns, This has led to recruit lots of students from such cities and towns, who are at some point different in language, accent, culture and intellectual aspects. Thus, associating and positively combining these dfferences.

A short summary about the history of Kurdish language department:

Opening the Kurdish language department dates back to 13. Dec.2006. as a branch of University of Sulaimani in Chamchamal. The department welcomed the first group of students in 2006-2007 who graduated in 2009-2010.

The department is one of the very first departments established when there were only some faculties in the school of education. It was the first faculty that offered post-graduate study programs. After admitting two master students in language studies, it admitted nine students in Kurdish literature studies a year later.

It has a highly qualified and experienced staff who have a great role in progressing the university. The staff are Asst. professors, Lectures and Asst. Lecturers. Conducting scientific researches and presenting seminars are parts of continuous attempts of the lectures to serve Kurdish language and literature. Hence, effective teachers to the ministry of education will be made in the future.

In the view point of the department, good programs, scientific activities, conferences, scientific researches are the best factors to make qualified and effective teachers. This is to encourage the graduates to play a good role in educating the generations of Kurdistan by the most modern methods. As a result they are able to be effective people in progressing the schools of Kurdistan region.

Certificates given by the department:

B.A. in Kurdish language and literature

M.A. in Kurdish language and literature

Study in the department:

The language of study is Kurdish. Most of the lectures are theoretical while some of them are practical. The duration of B.A. studies is four years.

The goals of the department:

1. To qualify students scientifically and academically so as to be successful cadres in the future and teach in the basic schools.

2. To qualify students base upon democracy, patriotism and tolerance.

3. Introducing the science of language and literature in general.

4. The aim of the department is well-preparing the students about language and literature since their major is Kurdish language and literature.

Kurdish language department is attempting hard to educate active graduates in the field of Kurdish language and literature by providing scientific methods and programs. It is preparing educational and professional teachers. Psychological education and teaching methods are taking in consider to develop students' abilities.

Taking Exams:

In every academic year, two quizzes will be taken and final semester exam. The final exam includes all the subjects studied. The exam date of the semesters and final year exam will be announced later.

Distribution of the marks:

First semester exam 15%

Second semester exam 15%

Writing reports and seminars 5%

Final exam 60%

The significance of the Kurdish Language department.

Because of the geographical location, the Kurdish language department of Charmo University has a great significance. It joins some cities and towns therefore a large number of students are gathering here. The importance of this department is that it prepares a large number of professional cadres of language and literature who will be teachers in the basic schools. What distinguishes this department from the other departments is that it is close to Kirkuk province. It serves a lot of Kurdish natives from Kurdish areas out of Kurdistan region.

Place of work:

The graduates of the department are able to teach, work in the research centers and publishing houses. They are also able to work as translators. In addition to these, they can teach in governmental and non-governmental foundations or in the language centers to teach foreigner learners.


Language of study in the department is Kurdish. Moreover, English, Arabic and Persian languages are studied. Persian language and literature are both studied intensively in the third and fourth year

Methods of teaching:

In the department, the methods of teaching are taking in consider. In addition to that, preparing reports, presenting seminars are also conducted to teach students.


Duration of study is four years. Academic year starts in the middle of September and finishes in the middle of June. 

DKUR academic staff members:

Aso Omar Mustafa
Dept head
Assistant lecturer
Kurdish Literature
Mobile: (+964) - 07507412733

Hero Ahmed Hama Gharib

Mobile : (+964) - 07701426415
Rauf Mahmood Saeed 
persian Language
Mobile : (+964) - 07701916464

Saman Ezadin Sadun

Mobile : (+964) - 0770 1586172


  1. Aso Omar Mustafa          (Assist Lecturer) Dept head
  2. Hero Ahmed Hema Gharib    (Lecturer)
  3. Raoof Mahmud Said              (Assist Professor)
  4.  Saman Ezadin Sadon            (Lecturer)
  5. Shadman Salar Nariman        (Lecturer)
  6. Mahdi Fatih Omar                  (Assist Professor)
  7. Suzan Saadulla Abdulkany    (Lecturer)
  8. Mustafa Raza Mustafa           (MA Lecturer)
  9. marewan husen farhan         (Assist Lecturer)
  10. hazhar husen wali           (Assist  Lecturer، coordinator)
  11. karwan juma rahim              (Dept. Member)
  12. dashti bahjat mohammad    (Dept. Member)
  13. ashti husen arif                    (Dept. Member)
  14. avin abdulqadr xalifa           (Dept. Member)
  15. Amanj Ali Qadir             (Dept. Member) 
  16. Diar Mardan Mhamad      (Dept.researcher )